Welcome to the Your-Call Message Board

The Your Call Message Board allows you to communicate with Your Call and your Organisation following the submission of a Your-Alert or Your-Say.

You can continue to remain anonymous and protected behind your firewall.

Investigations are not static and things change as inquiries are made so it is highly probable we may need to communicate further with you after your submission.

The Message Board will allow us to communicate with you and ask any questions we have or that the Executive Management of your company or organisation may have in reference to your disclosure.

You are able to add information, ask and respond to questions of Executive Management and Your Call and upload documents, accounting spreadsheets or other financial records or images.

We will periodically post updates on the investigation of your disclosure.

We encourage you to login to the Message Board within 2-4 business days of your submission.

All information is reviewed by Your Call and submitted promptly to those at Executive Management who are to be notified.

Message Board will in no way seek to compromise or undermine your identity if it is your intention to remain anonymous.

If you have elected to remain anonymous to your organisation, we will edit any information or attachment that will potentially identify you. If edited, you and your organisation will be notified that it has been done so as to ensure the integrity and transparency of our systems. This is part of our commitment to you to provide a secure, external and independent service which receives confidential information and is 100% anonymous. Click here for details.

To use the Message Board you will need either your Disclosure Identification number (DIN) or Information Receipt number (IRN) issued by Your-Call and the password you created.

Use Your Call with peace of mind using our secure 256-bit encrypted connection.

The 'https' keyword in the location bar above ensures that this connection is encrypted.

Message Board

The "Receipt ID" is the Disclosure Identification number (DIN) or Information Receipt number (IRN) issued by Your-Call at the time of your submission.

  • You need to write the letters DIN or IRN following by the numbers. Letters are NOT case sensitive.
    There should be no gaps between end of letters and numbers.

  • Please enter your chosen password or the password supplied in the format given. Letters are Case Sensitive.
  • Type the characters that you see in this picture below. Characters are NOT case sensitive

Note: If you have forgotten or lost your password it cannot be reset by Your-Call as outlined when making your submission it is encrypted for security and not even we can read it. This does NOT mean you can no longer communicate with us. You can enter your new information by starting the Your-Alert or Your-Say again and make reference to your earlier submission. Your-Call will link the information. It will assist Your-Call if you are able to reference some of the detail of your previous report and the approximate date you made your previous submission.

Warning: The Report ID number was issued to the person who submitted their information to Your-Call. If that is not you, do not attempt to enter this restricted area of our site as such entry may be interpreted as computer trespass and you may be prosecuted.

You have not made any activity in more than 20 minutes. Please either continue your report now or use the Save and Come Back Function or all information you have entered will be securely deleted. Your session will timeout in less than 2 mins.